About Fascia

Fascia is densely woven tissue in a more or less fluid ground substance. It covers and penetrates every cell, nerve, muscle bone and organ throughout the body. Fascia is the stuff that holds the body together, gives shape to the whole, and all the parts. Trauma, inflammation or over use can cause a binding down of the fascia, resulting in restriction and pressure on the underlying structures, nerves, muscles joints etc.

  • Supports and stabilizes the support system of the body, in fact more accurately, it is the support system!
  • Is vitally involved in all aspects of movement, and shock absorption
  • Assists with circulation,  especially the lymphatics.
  • Major area of inflammatory processes and chronic passive congestion, leading to an increase in fibrosis and limitation

Normal fascia is relaxed and has a wavy pattern in the fibres, much like fine merino wool has a crimp. This allows the tissue to stretch and rebound, without high energy use. Lack of use, slumping on the couch for example, leads to the fascia losing that crimp, and therefore its elasticity. Over time, the fascia becomes a sort of hard mush, losing fibre direction and resilience.