About Fascia

Fascia is densely woven tissue in a more or less fluid ground substance. It covers and penetrates every cell, nerve, muscle bone and organ throughout the body. Fascia is the stuff that holds the body together, gives shape to the whole, and all the parts. Trauma, inflammation or over use can cause a binding down
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Rolfing: Notes On Sports

“The Olympic athletes wouldn’t have as many injuries if they had appropriate soft tissue therapy. Rolfing is valuable for athletes in high level competition to address the build up of scar tissue and disarrangement of myofascial tissue that occurs from training, competition and injury.” Dr Karl Ullis ( U.S. team physician, 1992 Olympics) A Rolfer wants
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Rolfing: Posture Patterns and The Effort of Being Upright

What Is It? Rolfing is a method of Bodywork designed to bring the body back into alignment in Gravity. The basic premise is that we are designed to be upright, at ease, flexible and supported in the field of gravity, that this is our natural state. This natural state gets disrupted by injury, repetitive movement
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Posture, Gravity and Rolfing

How well do you manage being upright? Does everything feel like it is in the right place? Do you stand easily? The common belief seems to be that we must hold ourselves up, and yet in an architectural sense, we cannot do this. There is no skyhook to suspend ourselves from. Support comes from below,
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