Guy Dhyaana Turnbull

  • Advanced Certified Rolfer
  • Certified Massage Therapist

Guy has been a bodyworker since 1982. Early studies in Physiotherapy in Sydney eventually led to intensive training at the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in Colorado. Here he was introduced to Rolfing and graduated from the Rolf Institute for Structural Integration in 1989. He continues to study and add new skills to his work, and has taught Massage, Anatomy and Physiology both here and in the U.S.

From a more personal perspective, I have a continuing fascination with this work. Watching people discover how to live in their bodies in a different way, or find a place where they can move without pain, is an ongoing source of satisfaction. My own personal journey of meditation and awareness is an integral part of my practice, along with curiosity, and a deep respect for the process of healing and growth that can happen though this work.

“It is a privilege to share my experience and skills with my clients, and to continually learn from them as well.”